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Tips for renting a car at the Miami airport

If you are planning to travel to Miami soon, you will realize that there are several activities to do in the city, no matter what your reason for traveling is.

If you want to get the best vacation or make the most of your visit to Miami, the best thing you can do is rent a car at the Miami International Airport.

No matter which Miami Airport terminal you arrive at, you can always count on the ideal Miami Airport car rental agency for you. Also, no matter where you are going, agencies like Rental Cars in USA offer their services throughout the city to have a rental car from Miami International Airport, your hotel, or anywhere you are in the city.

If this is the first time you visit Miami, we recommend you investigate the traffic signs. It is essential to know that you will have to follow speed bumps and speed signs within the city.

Miami has become one of the leading destinations to visit and travel in the United States due to the significant number of tourist sites it has to offer.

Meet some of the most relevant sites of the city and travel prepared to enjoy the wonders that this city has for you.

The best way to get to know the city is to rent a car at the Miami Airport. It is advisable to reserve your vehicle in advance; this way, you will not have to deal with lengthy procedures and the low availability of cars.


All the Car Rental Miami Airport Include


Collision Damage Waiver


Primary Third Person /Property Liability


Medical Expenses Insurance


Theft protection


Civil responsability Complement


PickUp & dropoff on airport


Free milles

Information about Miami International Airport (MIA)

Miami International Airport receives thousands of tourists daily, making it one of the best-known airports in the world.
Inside the airport, you will find car rental agencies, travel agencies, tours, duty-free stores, and more.

The IATA code for Miami International Airport is MIA.
It is located less than 13 km from the city center and is the #1 airport in Florida, also considered one of the leading Latin American gateways to the United States.

These are the Miami International Airport Terminals:

  • North Terminal (Blue)
    It has 45 gates and receives both domestic and international flights.
  • Central Terminal (Yellow)
    It has 52 gates and only receives domestic flights.
  • South Terminal (Red)
    This terminal is one of the largest, as it offers arrival and departure services for domestic and international flights to most countries in the world. In addition, here you can find the most popular car rental Miami Airport agencies such as Miami by Rental Cars in USA, among others.
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How much does it cost to rent a car at Miami Airport?

Renting a car at Miami Airport starts at USD 90. If you want to get the best price on your rental, it is advisable to book in advance of your trip. This way, the availability will be higher, and the prices will be much lower.

Where to rent a car at Miami Airport?

You can rent a car directly at the Miami International Airport upon arrival; however, you can also find nearby agencies within 5 minutes from the airport to rent vehicles for $90 USD. One of them is Rental Cars in USA.

What is the best price for car rentals at Miami International Airport?

The lowest price recorded in the last 30 minutes for car rentals at Miami International Airport is $90 USD.

What is the average price for car rental in Miami International Airport (MIA)?

Renting a car at Miami International Airport averages $90 USD.

How old do you have to be to rent a car in Miami Florida?

You need to be at least 21 years old and have a valid ID.

What is the best car rental agency in Miami Airport?

Rental Cars in USA is the top-rated Miami Airport Car Rental agency with over 5K positive reviews on the internet.

Should I rent a car before my trip or is it better to do it when I arrive at Miami International Airport? Miami International Airport?

Renting a car at Miami Airport in advance will always be a better idea than renting it when you arrive in the city due to the increase in prices and availability of vehicles. By reserving your car rental at Miami Airport in advance, you will be able to have transportation to the pick-up offices, and you will also be able to choose the vehicle that best suits your needs.

Can I rent a car for a month or more at the Miami Airport?

Yes, it is possible to rent a car on a long-term basis at the Miami Airport; however, you must request it in advance to get an accurate price according to the vehicle you wish to rent.

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Our happy client Richard C.

Richard C.

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An excellent quality service in car rental at the Miami Airport. The vehicle was delivered to us clean and with all the specifications we requested and the price was very good. Great service from Rental Cars in USA

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Fabian F.

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They were very attentive and accessible at all times. The girl who attended us was very kind, and the car was delivered in excellent condition and with good cleaning protocol. I highly recommend Rental Cars in USA.

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